Becoming a gun-owner is an important personal decision, especially if there are children in the home. Beyond safety-related issues (which we cover here) there are some basic questions that you should think about as you consider a firearms purchase.  You may have a friend or family member that is a "gun person", those folks can be excellent resources.  However, opinions widely vary and what works for one, may not work for another.  We often find that first-time buyers have preconceived ideas on what may be the ideal firearm for their application, only to find out that they are 180 degrees off when they answer some basic questions.

 As a first-time gun buyer, when you come into Renaissance you'll be asked questions by our expert staff to determine the best fit.  It's a good idea to have thought about the following when coming in:

1. Why am I purchasing a firearm - what is the primary purpose?  Target shooting, self-protection, protection of family and property, hunting, concealed carry, some or all of the above.

2. How and where will I store the firearm?  Safe, lock box, etc.  Keeping unauthorized users and children from accessing the firearm.

3. Do I have a particular firearm in mind?  Revolver, semi-automatic pistol, shotgun?  It's best to make your preference known, but keep an open mind.

4. Are you planning on carrying the firearm on your person?  Have you considered holster carry, perhaps a purse or other carry method?

With this information, our staff can recommend a variety of firearms that will be tailored to your situation and use.  Our staff is not commission-based, so we love to spend time with customers and find them the ideal firearm for their purpose.  Remember also, BUYING A FIREARM SHOULD BE FUN! and we try to make it that way.

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